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*New* Leesh It Lanyard System

The original, Fully adjustable boating lanyard system. Leesh-It revolutionizes the rod leash and also serves as an adjustable Boat Fender system.

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Our revolutionary design will make it easier to not only protect your expensive rod and reels, but also protect your boat because with Leesh-It, your rod will never leave the rod holder. Not only does Leesh-It protect your gear, it serves as a fully adjustable boat fender system as well.

Why the "Leesh-It" Lanyard System?

  • It's the original, first of its kind Boating Lanyard System
  • Protects your rod and reels as well as your boat
  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • When using the Leesh-It, your rods will not go overboard.
  • Keeps your deck clear.
  • Completely adjustable Fender System
  • Made of high quality marine components
  • Your clips are always together and on top of the gunwale.

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